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Gregório is a

product designer/ motorcycle enthusiast/ developer/ human/ experience and interface designer/ artist/ 

product designer/ motorcycle enthusiast/ developer/ human/ experience and interface designer/ artist/ 

based in Lisbon

Selected work ↓

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I use my creativity and expertise to tackle problems and create timeless expressions and meaningful experiences for brands in a primarily digital world.

Gregório Rodrigues is a Multidisciplinary Designer with 9+ years of experience currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently and due to his blend of several disciplines—Product Design, UX Design and Creative Coding, he is leading and getting hands dirty with a LowCode-NoCode design team at Deloitte, building products, running fast paced projects and design systems for clients from automotive, logistics, humanitarian and many other cool industries and also leading the process of creating new internal products.

He enjoys leading and building teams and establishing new processes, allowing everyone to grow and bring new stuff to the table while creating innovative design experiences to every single challenge.

Typically Greg is inspired by his friends, colleagues and peers, trashy punk-rock music, emerging tech and design techniques, and last but not least classic overland petrol-related items.

Hey there I’m Gregório a Portuguese product designer working on intuitive, minimal and effective interfaces mostly obsessed with UX, rapid prototyping and design systems.
With over 8 years of experience I’ve had the privilege to help and collaborate with several brands, and startups companies making better products and websites from both design and development perspectives.

As a multidisciplinary designer i am well used to conceive and pitch my ideas to any size of clients. I speak the language of developers, and love what technology can bring to a project. But I also am a craftsman that is still wondering what not to learn. I now do UX/U, Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Design,... Let's say i am a studio on my on.

Some of the companies I’ve had a blast to work with throughout the last years include The Feeting Room, Zilian, Lemoke, Savvy Agency

I also dabble in 3D, motion, industrial design and try to custom my Triumph Bonneville when i'm not chasing the sunset.



Roxiant ApS. - Freelance

Web design


Pliny Gems - Freelance

Digital designer


Plyo Lab

Digital designer


Mass Financials

Product management & design


AbyPay - Freelance

UI and brand designer



Lead designer & Product manager



Product management & design



Master in Product Design and Engineering

Web design


Bachelor in Product Design Technologies

Digital designer